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We’re not your average environmental consulting firm.

We’re a small but mighty Team that provides environmental protection through science and engineering. Our roots are in the environmental movement, and ingenuity and integrity are at our core. Our Clients resemble David more than Goliath, and they trust us with their most complex and challenging projects. We’re just as likely to be found in a courtroom as the field to support them.

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Our impact

Whether it’s environmental analyses and studies, expert reports and litigation support, or compliance, we’re known for our tenacity, success rate, and impact.


gallons sewage & Manure diverted

We find management, operations and maintenance, and technological solutions to keep untreated sewage and manure out of our waterways.


Acres of wetlands conserved

Our delineations protect wetlands, and we develop management plans and mitigation designs to restore and create new, vital wetland habitat to protect against flooding and support biodiversity.


States & territories

We offer the personal touch of a local firm, but the experience of a national firm with projects in 4 countries, 41 US states and territories, and 56 major watersheds (and counting!).


Areas of expertise

We put the environment first. Our areas of technical expertise reflect a commitment to a brighter and greener future, and to you, our Clients. We develop and hone our skills within the environmental field to meet your evolving needs, scientific and technological advances, and a changing regulatory environment.

Our promise to you is to always provide environmental protection through ingenuity, integrity, and science and engineering for good.


Most people don’t think of pollution when they think of agriculture. But factory farms producing beef, pork, poultry, and dairy products can have an immense impact on the environment. Improperly managed manure, contaminated runoff, and noxious gases pollute water and air resources, reduce the quality of life for communities, and endanger employees.

Legacy pollution

When toxic or hazardous waste isn’t managed correctly it creates a legacy of pollution with the potential to impact communities and the environment for generations. The presence of hazardous waste stymies adaptive reuse and brownfield reclamation, and can harm ecological and human health.


Wastewater treatment protects environmental and public health. But when conveyance and treatment systems break down the fecal contaminants, excessive nutrients, and even industrial pollutants can wreak havoc in your waterways.


Wetlands, swamps, bogs, and fens— whatever you call them, they’re critical for protecting against floods, providing spawning and breeding habitats, and supporting biodiversity.

Ecological evaluations

You can’t protect what you don’t know is there. Property transfers, proposed development, and even restoration projects can have unintended consequences for our native plant communities and pollinators, migrating and breeding and animals, and ecosystem services like natural erosion control and flood management.


All stormwater is local. From rooftops and driveways to commercial and industrial sites, anywhere rain and snow can’t soak into the ground generates runoff. Stormwater carries pollutants to our rivers, coasts, and lakes and reservoirs. And unmitigated development can lead to devastating floods.

Watershed protection and management

Everyone lives in a watershed. It’s the land that drains into our streams and rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and coasts and shores. What happens on, under, and over land can have a profound impact on our water and other natural resources.

Regulatory and compliance enforcement

With nearly 40 years of environmental enforcement and compliance experience, we offer a deep understanding of US environmental regulations, including the Clean Water Act; Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, & Liability Act; Endangered Species Act; National Environmental Policy Act; Resource Conservation & Recovery Act; Safe Drinking Water Act; and Toxic Substances Control Act.


Project highlights

Our Clients trust us with their challenging projects because of our track record of honest, creative, and resourceful environmental solutions.

Every project has a designated Project Director and a custom Quality Assurance & Quality Control Plan to ensure all of our Clients receive the best possible service.

February 2019

CEA worked with Baykeeper’s lawyers to analyze the capital projects and operations and maintenance activities needed to fix a City’s longstanding sewage problems. Baykeeper’s main focus is to reduce the pollution entering San Francisco Bay and CEA’s expertise helps us reach that goal.

Erica Maharg, Managing Attorney / San Francisco Baykeeper 


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